Bridges Study

Check out the video sample of this inviting course!

A great first step for those curious about Muslims.  Available as a dvd course perfect for small group study, Bridges provides biblical teaching about Islam and what Muslims believe, opening the door for better understanding.

Since 9/11, the image of Muslims evokes fear and mistrust in Americans. Yet, Jesus teaches compassion and challenges his followers to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
Crescent Project's video segments combine information about Islam with personal accounts of their questions and search for truth by individuals born into Muslim cultures in the US.
Lots more information about the course is on the Crescent Project website.

Crescent Project also provides mentorship and an outreach network online, so registering the course with them helps them to refer others to you in future.

Let us at Abq Oasis Team know if your church or group wants to do this study- maybe we can help as well. We have people experienced at working with Muslims both here and overseas who might be able to moderate one or several of your sessions, and give you encouragement!

Bridges Two-Day Workshop

October 19 & 26, 2013   9am til noon 

2811 Stanford Drive NE, Albuquerque 87107

The Albuquerque Oasis Team is offering this intensive version of the bridges material only once this fall. It covers the same material as a 6 week small group class in two weekend mornings.

First Week Topics:

Islam Rising

  • Islam’s beginning and how it spread
  • Who Muhammad was and how he lived his life
  • The role of the Qur’an and Hadith

Belief and Ritual

  • Belief system of Muslims
  • Basic practices and rituals

Attitudes of an Ambassador

  • Role and approach of an ambassador
  • Recognizing differences among Muslims

Second Week Topics:

Bridging the Gospel

  • Using similarities between Christianity and Islam to extend the Gospel
  • Differences as discussion points for sharing truth

Tools for Reaching Muslims – Understanding the New Testament’s credibility

  • The four books Muslims must read and follow
  • Explaining how God’s word cannot be changed

Tools for Reaching Muslims – Understanding Jesus’ sacrifice

  • Muslim perceptions of grace
  • Significance of sacrifice in Islam
  • Explaining Christ as the true Adha (or sacrifice)

Please pass the word on about this workshop! 

Here's a color poster to download- and a black and white half page brochure

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Oct 19 & 26, 2013 Workshop

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We highly recommend the Bridges study book. Anyone who is just beginning to learn about Islam will find it very helpful. It is 140 pages and includes the text of Fouad's booklets 'Is the Injeel Corrupted?' and 'Adha in the Injeel'.
For those who have already studied Islam somewhat  and do not want a study book, we will have a handout with verses to study for the seminar and links to more information.
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