Seven Reasons to Love  pdf

 A 2 page brochure (meant to be folded) presents a first introduction to the importance of reaching out to this special group.


Why and How To Share Jesus' Lovpdf

Accad's Qur'an Verses  pdf

Accad's Bible Verses  pdf

2 pages with Scripture motivation, simple ideas for Bible Study, and some websites fine-tuned for seekers from Islamic cultures.

These two lists may help you to understand more about what is in the Qur'an and how it relates to Christian's holy books. These are summarized from a little out of print Navpress book by Fouad Accad called Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam.


Descendants of Ishmael in the Bible  pdf

Did Jesus Care about Arabs?  pdf

Arabic Names and Terms  pdf

Find out whether the God of Jacob made any promises that apply to Muslims. Were their ancestors, or those they consider fathers in their faith, a part of what God did and recorded in the first Holy Books?

Did Jesus care about the ancestors of current-day Muslims? Is our desire to share his good news sort of an add-on to what Jesus taught? Or did Jesus focus on these people?

1 page that lists the Arabic names of the Bible sections, those commonly used for prophets from the Bible, with the definition of common terms used in Islam.


Gospel Communication from Within, Cate                  5 pages about using how the Qur'an describes Jesus to encourage a deeper look at who Jesus is.


Proverbs 31 Bookmark

19 of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah: Worship Poetry from the Holy Zabur      Each of these psalms is chosen for how it presents one characteristic of God.

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