Albuquerque Encountering the        World of Islam Course

Sign-ups for the Spring 2014 course, specifics and all the latest updates on progress towards EWI here.
Encountering the World of Islam     national website

Information about this worldwide and online course and in-depth text book.

Bridges dvd course for small group, one day Bridges seminars in various cities, summer mission programs, and conventions. Resources to download and order.

Crescent Project also offers networking and mentoring for outreach. Join the Abq Oasis Team on their network.

Their strategy brief explains why and some basics about reaching out to Muslims.


This east coast couple assists church mission teams for local needs analysis and training.
They have many helpful resources to download, including small booklets that are formatted to print.

This website provides information about the various ethnic groups in the US. They have links to census data, information about many types of service outreach, and links to online and print bibles for each language.


Ramadan is over for this year, but their 30 day prayer guide is a wonderful and informative way to start praying for Muslims. For the last 20 years this annual prayer focus has led to tremendous new progress in the spread of the gospel.
Get friends involved for Ramadan 2014 28 June- 27 July.

Information about unreached ethnic groups. Sign up for daily prayer emails. Booklets about unreached peoples by region.


Bibles to read online for free and to buy in print form in many languages. Also information about Bible study.

An American Bible Society website with many languages offered.

If you are looking for a Bible not offered above, search this complete list. The last resort would be to check Wycliffe's Ethnologue for the status of translation in that language.

Many people do not read their heart language. Even educated people may not be fully literate in the language that they understand best. Offer a friend the chance to listen to the holy books in their first language.
If you don't know this Albuquerque ministry, you should. Formerly called Hosanna, they produce audio bibles and make them available online, in mp3 players, and other appropriate technology forms for use in the US and around the world. To access audio Bibles online go to

 Websites for Muslims Seekers

Website about the Bible expressed in a culturally Muslim style. Includes an eye-opening quiz about the Qur'an that shows how important Jesus should be to Muslims.
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