Christians can learn to love Muslims for Jesus' sake!

...make disciples of all nations...  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Our Work

We host prayer for outreach and for the needs of our Muslim friends.

We offer educational events about why and how Christians can reach out.

We share information about the needs of new neighbors from North Africa, the middle east, western and southern Asia, and Indonesia.

We network to share resources that are respectful of Muslim cultures but truthful to the words of Jesus.

About Us

God wants to be intimately known in all ethnic groups. He is bringing people to America from countries  where the Bible is not available and few or no Christians are found. Together we can help each other share Jesus' love.

His Love Compels Us

Although Muslim peoples are about 1/3 of all the people groups where it is difficult or impossible to find out about Jesus, only 1/12 of missionaries work among Muslim peoples.

People from places as diverse as Indonesia, Iran, Somalia, Turkey,  and Bangladesh are entering New Mexican workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Refugees and international students increasingly move to Albuquerque.

Will we ignore them and fear them?
Or will we learn to get to know them, respect them, and share what we have found out about God?

Many local churches are working to make the gospel available to ethnic groups  overseas. Members of their mission teams need practice to effectively share the truth across cultural barriers. This local involvement can also greatly increase understanding of their missionaries' needs.

We are inspired by the work of the 30 Days Prayer Network and Crescent Project as well as other organizations. Our local churches can begin to bridge cultural misunderstandings between the people of the Book and the people of the Qu'ran.

They won't hear His good news unless we introduce them to the Prince of Peace.
Give them the chance to make their own choice.

Join Us

Come attend an event to learn more and meet others engaged in the Great Commission. Or contact us to request more information about local outreach.

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